St. Josephs Society

St. Joseph

St. Joseph Halle

St Joseph's Society has been an integral part of St. Mary's Parish in Fredericksburg, Texas since its establishment by Fr. Joseph Roch in February of 1899. Fr. Roch knew it would be best for the Society if it had its own home, so he set about the difficult task of building the St. Joseph's Halle, which stands today as a memorial to his zeal. Construction of the Halle was completed and it was dedicated in 1900. The Halle has been the site of meetings of various Parish organizations, Parish and School gatherings, and socials and entertainment of all sorts.

Membership is open to any male person over the age of 18 years. Being a practicing Catholic and leading a good life, not belonging to any Lodge or Society forbidden by the Church, having fulfilled his religious duties, and having his children attend a Catholic School if at all possible.

The purposes of the St Joseph's Society are: